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The Cache Valley Cruising Association (CVCA) will host a Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA) for persons meeting the following criteria:

  • Has been actively involved in the street rod/classic car hobby for more than 20 years
  • Have actively promoted responsible interest and involvement in street rod activities
  • Has encouraged and supported others to become interested or active in street rod activities
  • Promoted good will between street rods groups, clubs, persons, and the community
  • Is known and respected for high moral standards and reputation


The purpose of the LAA program is to:

  • Preserve, recognize, and publish the contributions and accomplishments of persons devoted to street rodding.
  • Provide a central freely accessible website with accurate information regarding persons receiving the LAA.
  • Promote qualities listed for induction into the Life Achievement Award criteria.
  • Provide a valuable and important service to the nationwide street rod community and promote responsible street rodding.


The award will be known as the Cache Valley Cruising Association's Lifetime Achievement Award. The CVCA may recognize one award recipient per year.

The CVCA will accept nominations from car clubs or individuals for this award during the nomination period. The nomination period is open from August 1 to December 1 of each year. There is no restriction pertaining to location of residence of nominated persons. No self-nominations will be accepted. All nominations must be presented to the CVCA by a sponsor. The CVCA will review nominations and determine the successful candidate. Individuals or persons making the nomination may be invited to present their nomination to the CVCA or answer questions about their nomination. A nomination form is be posted on the CVCA website. The sponsor will be responsible for completely addressing all parts of the form and providing a suitable picture of the candidate(s). There is to be no submittal fee for nominations. All nominations will become the property of the CVCA and held in confidentiality.

The selected award recipient will be identified in January. A candidate nominated for the award may be an individual, husband and wife couple, or multi-partner team of 2 to 5 persons.

Award Structure:

The CVCA will provide the following to successful candidates:

  • Plaque confirming award. The plaque will be award by a CVCA official representative if possible, or other designated local representative.
  • A notice in Street Scene magazine advertising the award recipient. This notice will be published with the CVCA full-page ad in Street Scene advertising the coming Cruise-In.
  • Notice and article provided to local newspaper for publication.
  • Notice provided to CruZin' Magazine, Mountain West Street News, Scoop magazine, Cruz News, and other similar publications as may be identified. The various publications will be invited to be a sponsor of the LAA program. LAA sponsors will be listed on the CVCA website.
  • $250 cash donation from CVCA to a charity or nonprofit organization designated by recipient in recipient's name.
  • Induction into the CVCA Life Achievement Award on CVCA website. Citation and photo will be permanently posted.
  • Invited to the next Cruise-In with motel accommodation and free entry if bringing a vehicle. 
  • Recognition at Cruise-In awards ceremony.

Honorary Award:

The CVCA will also host an Honorary LAA category. The honorary category is designated for posthumous LAA. Posthumous candidates must meet all of the criteria for living candidates. Selected posthumous receive the following:

  • Plaque confirming award. The plaque will be presented to a surviving family member award by a CVCA official representative if possible, or other designated local representative.
  • Induction into the CVCA Life Achievement Award on CVCA website. Citation and photo will be permanently posted.
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